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Fraser Big Slide (P16-11)

Buy viagra online uk next day delivery - Canadian discount pharmacy viagra

Major Cities: Clinton
Mining Division: Clinton
Map Number: 092I

Title Number: 1041943

Good to Date: 2017/Feb/11

Area (ha): 40.72 (2 Cells)

Description: Fraser River Claim NW of Pavillion

Price: $1000 OBO

View Fraser Big Slide Map 1 View Fraser Big Slide Map 2 View Detailed Map 1 View Detailed Map 2 View Geological Survey Report

Fraser River near Quesnel (P16-01)

Claim Name: Fraser River near Quesnel (P16-01)

Major Cities: Quesnel
Mining Division: Cariboo
Map Number: 093G

Title Number: 1040939, 1040940, 1042520 & 1041851

Good to Date: Jan/feb/March, 2017

Area (ha): 97 Ha (5 Cells)

Description: 2000 meters of Fraser River and Benches

Price: $2000 for all or $500/cell

Earth Map2 Fraser

Earth Map3 Fraser

Earth Map4 Fraser

View Fraser River Map View Detailed Map 1 View Detailed Map 2 View Detailed Map 3 View Detailed Map 4 View Detailed Map 5 View Detailed Map 6

Bridge River (2015-19)

Claim Name: Bridge River (2015-19)

Major Cities: Lillooet

Map Number: 092J

Title Number: 1035163

Good to Date: 2018/MAY/05

Area (ha): 40.86 (2 cells)

Price: $1000

View Bridge River Map View Detailed Map

Fraser Hixon (2015-35)

Claim Name: Fraser River at Hixon (2015-35)

Major Cities: Hixon
Map Number: 093G

Title Number: 1039691

Good to Date: 2016/NOV/02

Area (ha): 19.29

Price: $2500

View Fraser Hixon Map View Detailed Map View Detailed Map 2 View Directions

Fraser River at Keffer (P16-16)

Claim Name: Fraser Keffer

Major Cities: Hope
Map Number: 092I
Mining Division: New Westminster
Title Number: 1042235
Good to Date: 2017/Feb/22
Area (ha): 20.76 (1 cell)
Description: Directly below an existing Legacy Claim
Price: $1000

Earth Map2 Fraser Keffer

Earth Map1 Fraser Keffer

MTO Map2 Fraser Keffer

MTO Map1 Fraser Keffer

Big Bar 2 (2015-21)

Claim Name: Big Bar 2 (2015-21)

Major Cities: Clinton

Map Number: 092O

Title Number: 1035662

Good to Date: 2017/AUG/05

Area (ha): 81.05 (4 cells)

Price: $2000

View Big Bar 2 Map View Detailed Map View Detailed Map 2

Churn Creek (2015-22)

Claim Name: Churn Creek (2015-22)

Major Cities: 100 Mile House
Map Number: 092O

Title Number: 1033055

Good to Date: 2019/JAN/02

Area (ha): 20.115

Price: $1000

View Churn Creek Map View Detailed Map View Detailed Map 2 View Directions

Big Bar Ferry (2015-20)

Claim Name: Big Bar Ferry (2015-20)

Major Cities: Clinton

Map Number: 092O

Title Number: 1041621

Good to Date: 2018/MAR/20

Area (ha): 40.52 (2 cells)

Price: $2500

View Big Bar Map View Detailed Map View Directions

Hurley River (2015-18)

Claim Name: Hurley River (2015-18)

Major Cities: Lillooet

Map Number: 092J

Title Number: 1034436

Good to Date: 2018/JUL/01

Area (ha): 20.43 (1 cell)

Price: $1000

View Hurley River Map View Detailed Map View Detailed Map 2 View Directions