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John Boyd Creek (P16-14)

Buy viagra online cheap - How to buy viagra with paypal

Major Cities: Quesnel
Mining Division: Cariboo
Map Number: 093G
Title Number: 1041424
Good to Date: 2017/Feb/13
Area (ha): 39 (2 Cells)

Description: John Boyd Creek Bench and 600 meters of tributary creeks

Price: $1000

View John Boyd Creek Map View Detailed Map 1 View Detailed Map 2

Amador Creek (P16-13) SOLD

Claim Name: Amador Creek

Major Cities: Quesnel
Mining Division: Cariboo
Map Number: 093H
Title Number: 1041998
Good to Date: 2017/Feb/12
Area (ha): 19.45 (1 Cell)

Description: This claim has legacy claims above and below. It has 150 meters of creek and the road crosses the creek on the claim. It is only 5 km off the Barkerville highway at Stanley, on the North side of Lightning Creek.

Price: $1500 OBO

View Amador Creek Map 1 View Amador Creek Map 2 View Detailed Map 1 View Detailed Map 2 View Directions Cariboo Mining Division Report

Cunningham Creek (2015-23)


Major Cities: Barkerville
Mining Division: Cariboo
Map Number: 093A
Title Number: 1043024
Good to Date: 2017/Dec/01
Area (ha): 58.5 (3 Cells)
Description: 1000 meters of Cunningham Creek
Price: $1500

View Cunningham Creek Map View Detailed Map 1 View Detailed Map 2 View Detailed Map 3

Ahbau Creek (2015-55)

Claim Name: Ahbau Creek & Barkerville 10

Major Cities: Quesnel/Hixon
Mining Division: Caribou
Map Number: 093G
Title Number: 1040424, 1042616 & 1037334
Good to Date: November 20, 2017 & March 5, 2017
Area (ha): 251 (13 Cells)

Description: 2060 meters of Ahbau Creek, 850 Meters of Murray Creek, Numerous tributaries and Benches. Lots of History, Great Access for both sides of Ahbau. Test Permits are in the works. Open For Sale, Joint Venture or Farm-In

Price: $16000 plus permit costs

View Ahbau Creek 1 Map View Ahbau Creek 2 Map View Detailed Map 1 View Detailed Map 2 View Directions View Mineral Inventory View Lodi Lake Leases

Fraser River near Quesnel (P16-01)

Claim Name: Fraser River near Quesnel (P16-01)

Major Cities: Quesnel
Mining Division: Cariboo
Map Number: 093G

Title Number: 1040939, 1040940, 1042520 & 1041851

Good to Date: Jan/feb/March, 2017

Area (ha): 97 Ha (5 Cells)

Description: 2000 meters of Fraser River and Benches

Price: $2000 for all or $500/cell

Earth Map2 Fraser

Earth Map3 Fraser

Earth Map4 Fraser

View Fraser River Map View Detailed Map 1 View Detailed Map 2 View Detailed Map 3 View Detailed Map 4 View Detailed Map 5 View Detailed Map 6

Victorian Creek (2015-59)

Claim Name: Victorian Creek (2015-59)

Major Cities: Barkerville
Mining Division: Cariboo
Map Number: 093A

Title Number: 1040746

Good to Date: 2016/Dec/28

Area (ha): 19.48 (1 Cell)

Description: 500 meters of Victorian Creek

Price: $500

View Victorian Creek Map View Detailed Map 1 View Detailed Map 2

Willow River 1 (P16-05)

Claim Name: Willow River 1 (P16-05)

Major Cities: Quesnel
Mining Division: Caribou
Map Number: 093H
Title Number: 1041315
Good to Date: 2017/Jan/16
Area (ha): 19.35 (1 Cell)

Description: 100 meters of Willow River and 3-5 Ha of River Bench, 500 meters of Tributary Creek, Main FSR crosses claim

Price: $1500

View Willow River 1 Map View Willow River 2 Map View Detailed Map 1 View Detailed Map 2 View Detailed Map 3

Rosette Lake (2015-26)

Claim Name: Rosette Lake

Major Cities: Likely
Map Number: 093A
Title Number: 1033796
Good to Date: February 15, 2020
Area (ha): 78.5 Ha (4 cells)

Description: Lots of Old Mining Evidence and camping North of Rosette Lake

Price: $8000

Earth Map2 Rosette Lake

Earth Map3 Rosette Lake

MTO Map – Rosette Lake

Last Chance Creek (2015-47) SOLD

Claim Name: Last Chance Creek (2015-47)

Major Cities: Stanley

Map Number: 093H

Title Number: 1037600

Good to Date: 2017/Jan/25

Area (ha): 58.33 (3 cells)


Price: $5000

View Last Chance Creek Map View Detailed Map 1 View Detailed Map 2 View Past Gold Values

Willow River Bench (2015-51) SOLD

Claim Name: Willow River Bench (2015-51)

Major Cities: Cottonwood

Map Number: 093H

Title Number: 1040130

Good to Date: 2016/NOV/23

Area (ha): 77.54 Ha (4 cells)

Description: Willow River Bench, Lots of past mining evidence on this claim. Active mines up and Downstream. Available for Sale or Lease to purchase

Price: $4000

View Willow River Bench Map View Detailed Map 1 View Detailed Map 2 View Detailed Map 3